Introduction to AEM as a Cloud Service Asset Upload HTTP API

June 6, 2021

In AEM as a Cloud Service, image processing has been moved to the Asset Compute Microservice. Binary files are uploaded directly to blob storage instead of streaming through the AEM JVM.  In this post, I explain how to get started with the asset upload HTTP API. I review and demonstrate the below-illustrated steps ( 1, 2, and 3) using Postman as a client application.

Resource Resolvers in AEM with ResourceResolverFactory

May 21, 2021

In this post, I share sample code to get a Sling ResourceResolver in AEM using the ResourceResolverFactory getServiceResourceResolver method. 

AEM Repository Initialization with RepoInit

May 15, 2021

Apache Sling 'RepoInit' script is a convenient tool for content migrations and repository initialization in AEM. Inline RepoInit Script can be added to OSGi configuration files via the scripts property of the  RepositoryInitializer OSGi factory configuration. This conveniently allows the scripts to be targeted by different run modes (e.g. author, publish) or environments (e.g. dev, stage, prod).

AEM UI.Frontend Module Overview

April 26, 2021

In this post, I provide an overview of the UI.Frontend module in AEM, describe my thoughts on why frontend developers will love it, and step through how to get started by adding the UI.Frontend module to an existing AEM multi-module project.